UK MPs Under Scrutiny for Alleged Misuse of Official Trips for Sex Tourism

Allegations Surface of UK MPs Engaging in Sex Tourism During Official Trips Several British Members of Parliament (MPs) are facing accusations of exploiting their official overseas trips for indulging in sex tourism. These MPs, while on their foreign visits, allegedly sought out brothels, hired sex workers, and missed official meetings due to excessive drinking during … Read more

Alleged Cyber Intrusion into FBI’s Key Infrastructure Portal by Hacker

In Boston, a hacker, who allegedly impersonated the CEO of a financial institution, claims to have gained access to the database of InfraGard, an FBI-managed outreach program. InfraGard, with a membership exceeding 80,000, shares sensitive information about national security and cybersecurity threats with public officials and private sector entities managing U.S. critical infrastructure. The hacker … Read more

GAO Scrutinizes Contracts for Commercial Satellite Imagery

Commercial satellite imagery and data play a pivotal role in national security. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has highlighted how governments utilize commercial satellites to monitor troop movements and the aftermath of attacks. The commercial space industry is projected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, potentially addressing more of the federal government’s imagery … Read more

IRS Initiates Security Review Amid GOP Conspiracy Theories

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced plans on Tuesday to initiate a security review at its facilities nationwide in response to threats from Republicans and other right-wing groups. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig informed The Washington Post that the agency will conduct risk assessments for all of its 600 facilities in the coming weeks and months … Read more

Greg Otsa to Lead Software Development at Milrem Robotics

T expert Greg Otsa is set to join the team at Milrem Robotics as the head of the Software Development department in August 2022, as announced in a press release by Milrem. Otsa will transition to Milrem Robotics from Telia, where he has served in various roles for nine years, most recently as the Chief … Read more