Is Ryanair Dropping 5 Flights to Estonia?

Although summer is not officially over yet, it might be already time to give a look to what expects us for the next fall. And if you are thinking that there is  still all the time in the world for planning a nice escape from the Estonian fall before the darkness gets into your bones - well, keep reading this. Because it might be already much later than you think.

Right today, the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reported that Ryanair might be about dropping some (many? About half?) of its Finnish routes quoting a decision of the airline of taking away the routes from / to Turku from its network and of considerably reducing the ones from / to Tampere and Lappeeranta.

Few minutes later, the Äripäev-controlled portal BBN, reported the words of Lauri Linnamäe (Tallinn Airport) who had been questione about the future of Ryanair’s Estonian routes without any great success as – according to to what Mr. Linnamäe said – there would not be any official communication yet about Ryanair plans for its presence on the Estonian market.[pullquote_right]Lauri Linnamäe, representative of Tallinn Airport, said in comment that the airport had not yet received any information about the winter timetable of Ryanair because the airline has not yet submitted it…More at BBN[/pullquote_right]

Determined to understand a little more of the issue before finding the usual Ryanair press release about the airline’s new schedule, I then tried to do a little “manual check” on Ryanair’s website looking for some tickets from Tallinn to all the available destinations – and back.

To see the results of my ticketing, play a bit with this page clicking on the name of the routes below.

[tab title="Tallinn - Barcelona"]
Barcelona: Something might be about to change there as I could not find any ticket for flying from Tallinn to the Catalunian wonder later than the 26th of October. Nothing good for November, nor December nor January 2012. Too bad.
[tab title="Tallinn - Bremen"]
Bremen: Same story. Should you want to pay a visit to the city that inspired the Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm – make sure you book your ticket before November 6th, because that’s the day of the last departure from Tallinn to Bremen with Ryanair.
[tab title="Tallinn - Oslo"]
Oslo: No major changes here. You will be able to enjoy Rygge expensive plastic sandwiches also during fall/winter 2012.
[tab title="Tallinn - London"]
London: Nothing seems to be changing even here.
[tab title="Tallinn - Dusseldorf"]
Dusseldorf: Last flight leaves Tallinn on November 2nd.
[tab title="Tallinn - Frankfurt"]
Frankfurt: Although this route has often being blessed by many – once you land in Frankfurt there’s almost nowhere you can’t go! -, Ryanair seems to have set a deadline for it on October 27th.
[tab title="Tallinn - Manchester"]
Manchester: Last flight leaves Tallinn airport on November 2nd
[tab title="Tallinn - Milan"]
Milan: Everything stays as it is there, no major changes.
[tab title="Tallinn - Stockholm"]
Stockholm: Last flight is scheduled for October 26th.


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