Muhu Island: Paradise in Estonia

According to Jetsetter, an online community devoted on sharing information about luxury travel, the Estonian small island of Muhu it deserves being in the top 10 of the of the islands off the beaten track that deserves to be discovered.

The online magazine Times of Malta immediately reported about the chart – otherwise exclusive of the Jetsetters – and showed how Muhu has been placed on the ninth position right after more known corners of paradise in Italy, Mauritius or Bahamas islands.

“The island still has a working windmill, folk traditions, and a small luxury hotel and spa called Padaste Manor” said the reported about Muhu explaining why the small Estonian island with 2.000 inhabitants has been placed in the list.

While discussing the prestigious result with LETA, Imre Sooäär, one of the owners of the Pädaste manor declared that one of the greatest resources of the island is the variety of its offer since Muhu can provide its guests with numerous activities and many fascinating spots to see.

The first place in the top list went to Mustique island in Grenadines, followed by Canouan in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Mauritius, Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, Lipari, Harbour in the Bahamas, Kangaroo in Australia, Hvar in Croatia, Muhu in Estonia and Culebra between Puerto Rico and Virgin islands

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